hot drinks. fresh food. delicious treats. 

Made with 

hot brews

cold blends


a creamy blend of espresso & steamed milk

Cafe Mocha

a rich chocolaty drink made with espresso & steamed chocolate milk


a creamy blend of espresso & steamed milk with foam on top


a latte made with half & half


a shot of espresso added to your favorite dark roast coffee


Espresso mixed with hot water, similar taste to dark roast coffee - only better!

Cafe' AuLait

your favorite regular coffee mixed with steamed milk

Hot Chocolate

a warm & stimulating cup of steamed chocolate milk


steamed milk mixed with any of our flavors

Chai Latte

a delicious blend of Chai Tea & steamed milk

Brewed Coffee

whole bean flavors brewed fresh daily

Hot Tea

we offer a variety of healthy, hot tea choices


delicious espresso, available by the shot

Espresso Macchiato

a shot of espresso with frothed milk 

Espresso Con Pana

a shot of espresso with whipped cream

Holiday Favorites

check in often to see what speciality drinks we have available

Iced Latte

espresso & milk over ice. 

Iced Mocha

espresso & chocolate over milk

Iced Chai

Chai tea & milk over ice

Iced Coffee

any of our brewed coffees over ice

Italian Soda

club soda mixed with any of our flavors

Iced Tea

freshly brewed & poured over ice


a blended combo of crushed ice, coffee & milk

French Soda

an Italian soda with cream

Mystic Freeze

blended ice with half & half and flavored syrup


any of our real fruit flavors blended with ice

Flavored Lemonade

lemonade with your choice of flavoring

Frozen Lemonade

 combo of crushed lemonade & your choice favorite syrup


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